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Recommended Resources


Christmas is often perceived as simply being a time of fun, frivolity and food. As youth workers who are interested in the holistic development of the young people we work with, why not battle this inadequate view of what the season is all about by playing these games, which neatly encapsulate fun, frivolity and food. I have included a handy ‘reason-for-the-season’ link for each game too incase you wish to take your group ‘deeper’ into the Christmas story.

Explore what Matthew 1 tells us about Christmas, why genealogy is important, and to raise expectation of both Jesus and what we can learn in the Christmas story.

If you’re looking for a way to help your young people engage with Lent, then look no further. The guys from Stewardship have designed a series of Lent challenges to help you be generous during this period.

A modern day re-telling of the story of Rahab by Phoebe Thompson

Years ago, I remember discovering that my GCSE-bound youth group had never even heard of Nehemiah. The next Sunday we did a session on “Nehemiah shows you how to pass your exams”. Result: 100% attendance! They won’t ever forget him now!

You know what it’s like. The group goes to Greenbelt, a CYFA Venture, Creationfest. They all take pictures and put them up on Facebook. And then you all have to spend ages trawling different Facebook pages to see the lot.

Teach it

Trying to help your youth group get their heads round a subject or book of the Bible? John Allan's Teach It section brings you loads of ways to tackle those tricky topics.

Efficiency Expert

Paperwork, filing, spreadsheets, CRB checks... looking for ways to present stuff seamlessly, or just get a bit more organised? Dip into the Efficiency Expert section to discover some practical ways to... well, get practical.

YouTube Parables

It seems everyone's having their five minutes of fame via YouTube and other online video sharing sites, and this gives youth workers access to a whole myriad of daft, crazy and down-right stupid clips to start discussions, break the ice, or just make a really good point!