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Remembering good ideas!

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Youth workers need ideas – lots of them. And I suppose we divide into two groups: the original, creative spirits who have a new idea every 30 seconds, and the less imaginative who don’t get them very often and desperately need to remember what they’ve actually come up with. Forlorn, dog-eared Post-It notes stuck to the monitor aren’t really a good solution.

But whichever group you’re in, we have the same problem: we need to keep track of our thinking! Which is where Wridea can really help. It’s a simple, attractive website devoted to helping you write down the flash of brilliance immediately, before you have time to forget it, then recall it whenever you need it. You can also develop your thinking (they have tools to help you build little ideas into ambitious plans to revolutionise the world) or share it with your team, so that everyone can work on it together.

June 2010
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