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The latest author to cash in on Easter is Philip Pullman, whose new book reportedly ‘strips Christianity bare’ (according to the publishers anyway) by exposing the Jesus of Scripture as a distortion invented by (yes, you’ve guessed) the wicked Apostle Paul. Prepare your group for the inevitable outpouring of media rubbish by teaching them the facts. Did Paul change the Jesus story? Tom Wright sums it the defence argument tersely on Beliefnet.

If you want heavyweight, older stuff, J Gresham Machen’s brilliant, classic Jesus and Paul is online in its entirety. CARM supply a helpful list of quotations from both to show Paul distorted nothing Jesus said. There’s a detailed rebuttal of Hyam Maccoby – one of the leading ‘Paul-changed-Jesus’ voices – at Finally, for positive evidence that Jesus wasn’t just a good man turned into an evil Christ, try Mark Roberts’ crisp summary, ‘How Can We Know Anything About the Real Jesus?’ Video? Illustrate your teaching with excerpts from The Story of the Apostle Paul’, which you’ll find in sections on YouTube.

February 2010
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