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Working together

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Read the two New Testament commandments of Jesus (Matthew 22: 37-40) and discuss how as a group and as individuals you can follow these commandments this week.

Make a 'body word' - get the group to lie on the floor and spell out the word LOVE or GIVE, for example. Stand on a chair or ladder and take photos of their word then stick the image in a prominent place to remind the group of their commitment to work together and love each other.

Gather some facts about the world's population from the Internet (How many billion people live on the earth? How many islands are there? How many religions? How many rich?). Share these with your group then make a massive collage with pictures and a Bible verse from sugar 'hundreds and thousands', rice crispy cereal, sesame seeds, rice etc. Make the point that when put together, these individual parts can produce a beautiful image.

If you know an engineer-type person who loves taking things apart, ask him/her to take apart on old radio or similar from a junk shop. Wrap each part in paper, and hand them out one at a time as gifts. Each should receive an odd spring or a screw (not a great present!). Gradually, as they each receive a part, ask them what 'gift' you are giving them. Finally, show them a picture of the 'radio'. Make the point that, as separate part, your gift is useless to them. All the parts need to work together to be of any use.

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